A great person at work inspired this comic.  Its cold as hell in our office at nights (I work the late shift) and we all have jackets and gloves on some nights.  So she actually gave me this idea without meaning to.

In other none comic related news, I am buying a house.  I have two that I am currently in love with.  Each have great pros and a few cons.  Going to be a tough decision.  Sunday my realtor is going to show me a few more houses.  I LOVE house shopping.  It is a lot of fun.

In a previous post I mentioned shirts have to be put on hold until 2011.  This also counts for prints.  I am having a hard time getting them to print the way I want them.  Not sure if it is my printer, or the paper I am using, or just the size in general.  Going to shop around and see what other options I can come up with.  Sometime in 2011 I hope to have lots of Office Ninja merchandise for sale.  It would appear that will the only source of income from the comic.  Ads are not cutting it it seems.  Any other thoughts?

Go check out the forums and start talking people.  I would like to use them!

Oh, other great news!  The damn Kidney stone finally passed!  That stupid thing hurt like hell but it is gone!