I wanted to do something fun for the 40th comic, so I drew out the Manager chase sequence an extra panel.  I hope you don’t mind my little addition here.  It was a blast to draw!

Nothing new to report really.  Its been raining on all my my days off.  I woke up to go mow today, go downstairs and its pouring.  This happened last weekend as well.  Its also supposed to rain tomorrow.  So I suppose I will have to get up early one day before work and go work in the yard.  I even bought tools to get that flowerbed in shape.  The people who lived here previously didn’t really seem to love it and it looks terrible.  I have plans for it.  Oh yes.

So, we broke another record with our visitors in April.  I want to keep on pushing that higher.  Also, we made it out at Number 7 on Comic Basement.  Lets keep voting (Remember you can vote once a day!) and get that rank back up there.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Facebook as well. Those nifty buttons on the left should take you to the right spot.

Have fun!