So this sort of happened at work the other night.  Our friend Moose was sitting at his desk and he saw a couple of bugs go scurrying across it.  Turns out they were baby spiders, and they were everywhere.  We later discovered a nest of them under the desk.  It was disgusting.  I was wishing for a flamethrower to “clean” up the mess.

In other fun news, I finished cleaning out my garden!  You know, the one I started like two months ago when I began ripping out the Holly Bushes from hell?  The same Holly bushes that still managed to sprout up last week.  Stupid things need to be burned.  I have some Heavenly Bamboo bushes planted in front of the windows now.  The flowers I planted died due to getting too much sun, but I guess not much I can do about that.  I will get some more.

Nothing else to report.  July is coming to a close and i want August to be a good month for Office Ninja.  Please help me advertise as much as you can.  Bring all of your friends here.  Lets get this thing going!