I have to say, this comic was so much fun to work on.  Mainly because we had to do this stupid decorating contest at work, and the entire place was done up to look like a cheap version of an elementary school.  We had construction paper, and streamers, and all kinds of cardboard cutouts placed all over the center.  It was absolutely…  Garish.  And we still have everything up.  Why?  Who knows.

Oh, and they apparently could not decide which team had the “best” decorations, so in true kindergarten fashion we ALL won!  Isn’t it grand?


I am having a hard time with games lately.  There are just so many of them to choose from.  I am currently wanting to play Skyrim, Demon’s Souls, Xenoblade, Aion, Rift, inFamous 2, White Knight Chronicles 2, Dungeon Hunter Alliance, just to name a few.  I have not enough time.  Not to mention, I am also trying to get through the book Mockingjay.  When I will finish that sucker, who knows.  Why is there not enough time in the day?

I guess that is it for now.  As usual, thank you for reading, and if you enjoy the comic please pass it along.  The best advertising is word of mouth.

I sound like an infomercial…………