Oh Abba…  You are a scary pregnant woman.  For those of you that are wondering, I have actually sketched all of the Abba being pregnant comics.  I even have the final one that shows Abba with her new addition.  It will be fantastical!

Not much to report, the site seems to be doing pretty well.  I appreciate anyone who has been assisting with advertising.  Every little bit helps.

Also, I apologize for last weeks lack of comic.  It was my vacation, but I had way too much stuff to take care of.  When I finally sat down to start the comic it was already Thursday.  I do not know where that week went.  But I am happy to report we are officially working with DHS to adopt now.  They are currently doing our background check and then we get to do classes and stuff.  It is exciting.  We also have to buy some things to child proof the house in order to be approved.  Did anyone ever know that those baby gates are death traps?  Seriously.  And speaking of child proofing, why is this required?  I know for a fact my mom never had to do any of this shit with my sister and I.  Kids do NOT need all this crap.  Ugh!  But whatever, I will do it because I really want a kid.