Well its here.  The 100th comic.  And to celebrate I wanted to have Abba give birth.  I also knew that with it being Abba, it had to be different.  So, half human, half squid babies.  And then I thought, well, lets ramp it up a notch.  OctoAbba!  And of course there is the proud father.  He might stick around, who knows.

As I stated last week, this is going to be my last comic for a little while.  Things are ramping up in the adoption and I need to see what my schedule is like.  Most likely once my classes are done (October 8th) I will have more free time to draw.  So, hopefully you guys will not begrudge me a little break to prepare for the kid.  =)  Im going to do my best to update during this time, but I cannot guarantee when there will be one.  I decided I just cannot let Office Ninja go.  We have come so far, and spent too much time in this universe.  I do think this break is going to give me some time to decide what to do next though.  So hopefully some fun stuff will come up.

Thank you for all you do, could not have made it to #100 without you all.